Learn: Technical


Find answers to...

  • What is <insert language> and what does it do well?
  • How do I solve <X> problem? How do others solve it with <Y>?
  • How do developers work in the normal world?
  • What are difficulties that developers face in my environment?
  • How hard is it to do <X>?


  • Learn about frontend, backend, fullstack development
  • Know what the rest of the world does to solve computer engineering problems
  • Learn a useful life skill using logic to solve problems
  • Understand whether what you have around you is good or trash
  • Opt for the simpler solutions you know people use but which we don't necessarily
  • Scrutinize billable man effort, fees, proposed work by vendors

My Observations

Reports, guidelines, restrictions are written by people with no idea of how something works, and decisions that come out of these materials cannot be good
People with no understanding of what it takes to develop something cannot properly lead a product or project
Costings/estimates/proposals by vendors are supported by officers without second thought, even though it sounds ludicrous when you compare it with external experiences (e.g. personal)
No one is incentivized to improve developers' lives, experience, productivity, because no one wants to bother with anything "technical"
Productivity of engineering/research talent is wasted explaining basic concepts to non-technical people so that they can write their reports/slides
Technical skills can very quickly become obsolete, so people who don't continuously keep up can also hinder innovation and give bad recommendations

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