Tech Trippin'

Going through real world examples of tech jargon-gibberish and calling out what makes absolutely no sense.

What's this?

This is a collection of illogical or unproductive comments I encountered during work. I'm not trying to shame anyone here, but I hope writing these gives you some affirmation to speak out against similar comments in your own work, and do robust debates/challenges to make overall outcomes better.

And of course, given the anonymity here, also have a chuckle.

You're So Close... Yet So Far Away from Getting It

It all depends on the business requirements and use-case. GPT 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on would not change much.
Soy Dev
Chad Staffer
Look, clarifying use-cases is super important, understanding customer needs and their problem statements. But it's ridiculous to say technological advancements don't matter. Business needs that are unthinkable on GPT-3 are already solved by Claude3 Haiku. You'll keep seeing more giant leaps in AI and when AGI comes around.,Such statements sound incredibly like a copy-paste answer when we're lazy to think about what we're lacking or what the latest technologies already can do.